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5mm Foam Sheet

5mm foam sheet is perfect for cosplay or any other project that involves a lot of thick foam. These sheets are made from high qualityeva foam which makes their sheet size up to a maximum of 100x50cm. They are also handcrafted with the intention to be unique and unique features.

Best 5mm Foam Sheet

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5mm Foam Sheet Ebay

This 5mm foam sheet is made of 3510 mm black eva high-density closed-cell foam. It is 20000 mm long and has a feel to it. It is made of dunlop grade music-grade vinyl 6005. It is available in 3500, 3000, and 3100 mm thickness. this 5mm thick eva foam sheet can easily be turned into a cosplaypadding sheet. It is perfect for damage or weightier effects on costumes. It is also great for protecting yourself from sharp objects. This sheet has a textured surface that can take any character's look. this 5mm thick eva foam boat marine flooring mat is perfect for boats and will adhesive to any type of decking, self adhesive or not. This mat is also great for marine flooring, specifically those with a hardwood or other hardwood type of flooring. this 8x5mm foam sheet is designed to help make fixing camera lenses easier. It is made with a self adhesive film for a strong seal and a lightweight seal. It can be used as a film sealer or as a light seal for hdr photography.