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Hard Foam Blocks

Manduka foam yoga block prop is a soft and comfortable yoga block that makes a great addition to your ecommerce store. This block is perfect for those with a pilates or yoga routine. It comes in gray, making it perfect forkeeping with customers in mind.

Yoga Foam Blocks.

Yoga Foam Blocks.

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Hard Foam Block

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Hard Foam Blocks Amazon

These hard foam blocks are a great way to add some extra security to your craft projects. They are a non-squishy material that will not burst or cause damage to the item you are crafting. This set of 15 blocks is a great way to do just that. these are hard foam blocks that are made of foam. They are 6 pack and 4x4x4 inch in size. They are made of hard foam and are non-squishy. these soft foam blocks are 2 pack and are made of durable hard foam. They are perfect for making craft projects easier because they are non-squishy. looking for some new and exciting yoga exercises? look no further than the newevolve block bygaiam foam yoga block. This purple-patterned block is perfect for increasing your yoga practice, and can be used in pilates, meditation, and balance exercises.