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Karcher Foam Cannon Adapter

The karcher foam cannon adapter is a great way to add a foam cannon to your pressure washer. This adapter allows you to connect to the cannon and fit it to your machine. The adapter also includes a few tips and tips for using the cannon and the adapter.

Karcher Foam Cannon Adapter Walmart

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Karcher Foam Cannon Adapter Amazon

This product is a foam cannon for the karcher hdhds pro. It is compatible with the m22 female adapter, and allows use of the snow pellets with. This adapter also provides power to the hdhds pro's motional range. this adapter allows use of the karcher foam cannon with the gerni 14 quick connect pressure washer. It requires no hardware or installation is done through the karcher website. The foam cannon is then ready to use. this adapter is for the karcher foam cannon. It fits the g14 pressure washer. It is made of durable foam and is a great way to keep your cannon functioning at its top powered capacity. It is also able to washer wand extension and adapts to any water pot.