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Pvc Foam Board

This white pvc foam board sheet has a12 thick. It is perfect for 12 inch boards and other large pieces. It is also great for creating a strong foundation for your design.

Expanded PVC Foam Board

Expanded PVC Foam Board

By Plastic-Craft Products


Best Pvc Foam Board

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Looking for a quality pvc board sheet at a size that is perfect for your project? you'll love the 6mm 14 sintra pvc board sheet. This board sheet has a comfortable soft feel to it, making it perfect for everyday use and large projects. It's easy to work with, and its whiteish color is easy to see in colors. our 6mm 14 sintra pvc foam board plastic sheets you pick size 6mm 14 sintra pvc foam board plastic sheets you pick size are a great choice if you're looking for a good quality build and meet your needs specifically. Our 6mm 14 sintra pvc foam board plastic sheets you pick size are made of plastic and are size 6mm 14. They have a black color and are about 1. Com now. this is a 3mm white 18 sintra pvc foam board plastic. It has a cel-tear pvc finish. It is made of plastic and has a mix of pvc. It is to be used in a room that needs to be durable and easy to clean. the sintra pvc foamboard is a high-quality, soft, smooth, and easy to clean board for gaming and other activities. It is a great choice for games, movies, or any other activity where a soft board is need. The black finish is easy to see and is a great addition to any room.