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Vibrating Foam Roller

Looking for a new trigger point therapy? look no further than the vibrating foam roller by ssssh slater! This expensive add-on tool helps treat a variety of pain points with its 4-speed vibrating motion. Plus, it's orange edition makes it more visible in black and white pictures!

Craigslist Foam Roller

Craigslist's foam roller is a great way to reduce pain and improve flexibility and strength in your arms and shoulders. You can also improve your alignment and hand-eye coordination by using the foam roller for this purpose.

Electric Foam Roller

The electric foam roller is a great way to add mass and pressure to your feet and legs. The vyper2 is even better for add control. This two-in-1 electric foam roller is perfect for anything from your feet to your back. The vibrating power of the electric foam roller makes it perfect for days when you want to get your body moving. the vibrating electric foam roller is a great way to help soothe and massage muscles in the body. It has 4 speed settings to suit the different types of muscle exercises, and will also work up a sweat with its massaging sensations. this lifepro 4-speed vibrating foam roller is a high-intensity vibrating roller that can help improve your alignment and wwe performance. The life-saving roller can help reduce the friction between your skin and the foam, making it better for your body and your alignment. the vibrating foam roller is a great way to help your return the power to your circulation. It comes with a risk of injured feels and can help improve your overall health.